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“Computer Science empowers students to create the world of tomorrow.” Satya Nadella, CEO Microsoft

Computer Science is a globally competitive subject which has become an ever-growing part of human life, affecting many aspects of a person’s day. Computer systems are used in everyday devices, smart phones, washing machines, heating systems, vehicles and  as the world embraces “The Internet of Things”.  Computer scientists have an impact on how our society advances by developing and maintaining these systems whether it be for our home, work, learning or entertainment environments. Computer Science is an exciting and rapidly evolving subject that offers excellent employment prospects and well-paid careers


Our Computing department aims to empower children to be active producers of technology rather than passive consumers.Our Computing department wants pupils to be masters of technology. Technology is everywhere and will play a pivotal part in students' lives and therefore we want to model and educate our pupils on how to use technology positively, responsibly and safely.


Computing department delivers a broad curriculum that is divided into three strands incorporating computer science, creative media and digital literacy. Computer science is about understanding how computers work. This includes writing code and developing computational thinking skills. Creative media is concerned with creating products such as graphics, animations and websites using multimedia applications. Digital Literacy is using technology in a functional and safe way and consists of the basic skills that we all need to be able to participate fully in the digital world which includes using and communicating with technology in a safe and appropriate way. The curriculum has been designed to ensure learners have sufficient knowledge to stay safe online and use computers safely in life. We want students to not only understand how to use technology effectively, safely and responsibly, but also how technology is developed and constantly redeveloped into new and exciting tools. The curriculum also provides a focus on developing resilient learners who are able to recover from mistakes and effectively solve problems. This will help develop a lifelong effect of learning and how to develop themselves further and prepare for the future.


Our facilities


●       Two ICT suites with 30 Lenovo computers and 20 Desktop computers converted to Chromebook OS



The Computing curriculum booklet can be downloaded here:

Computing _ IT Curriculum Booklet
Download PDF • 196KB

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