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Behaviour and Attitudes at Laurel Park

At Laurel Park everything we do is underpinned by our core values of IDEA: Integrity, Determination, Excellence, Ambition.  Students will, through these values, demonstrate excellent behaviour and attitude in all aspects of their school life, at all times. We expect all of our students to come to school each day, in full school uniform, fully equipped, ready for a productive day of learning and in doing so, persevere in reaching their full potential.

Morning Roll-Call

At Laurel Park our mantra is, “Win the Morning, Win the Day!”.  By way of our daily morning roll-call we ensure every student starts their day of learning fully prepared, with the correct mindset.  Each morning students line up in silence while their tutors check their uniform, equipment and homework and all notices and any awards are given.  Any student who does not meet our high standards at roll-call, will be given any equipment or uniform they need for the day, and sanctioned. Students are then walked to their tutor reading session, in silence, for a calm and settled start to the day.

Disruption Free Learning

At Laurel Park we believe that no pupil has the right to disrupt the learning of others. Teachers will have disruption free classrooms in which they can teach and students will have disruption free classrooms in which they can learn. Students are expected to come to school ready and focused to work hard in every lesson of the day.  Students who do not follow these expectations will be removed for a whole school day to continue their learning in our Out of Lesson Provision.  We are proud at Laurel Park that all our lessons are disruption free and the vast majority of our students remain in all their lessons throughout the day.

Community Conduct

We expect all students who attend Laurel Park to have the highest standards of personal conduct outside of lessons. This includes all school trips and journeys to and from school.

Binary Behaviour System

We explain to all of our students, in detail, our high standard and expectations for them at all times whilst in school. Therefore, we do not negotiate around our expectation of high standards. Students are expected to follow instructions the first time they are asked and students who get things wrong will receive a sanction.  We call these our non-negotiables.

Character Awards & Recognition

Laurel Park is committed to recognising and awarding the hard work and effort of all our students through our character education recognition and awards programme. We set out to acknowledge where students apply themselves regularly  to the best of their ability in all aspects of school life, using their Character Cards.

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