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Design & Technology

“Enjoy failure and learn from it. You can never learn from success. You are just as likely to solve a problem by being unconventional and determined as by being brilliant.” James Dyson

Our Technology curriculum is rigorous, inspiring and practical. Students are equipped with a set of transferable knowledge and skills to help them to understand and respond to different technological contexts they may encounter in future. Our students study the work of designers past and present and use technology and resources available creatively, to solve real life problems; this builds cultural capital which is critical in understanding the everyday world.


By delivering the curriculum in units, knowledge and skills are taught progressively to ensure that all children are able to learn and practice in order to develop as they move through the Key stages. Evaluation is an integral part of the design process and allows children to adapt and improve their work. This is a key skill which they need throughout their life. D&T allows children to apply the knowledge and skills learned in other subjects, particularly Maths, Science and Art.


Food Technology lessons are designed to motivate changes in attitudes towards food, such as exposure to different types of ingredients and dishes to encourage healthy eating. Students acquire a broad range of subject knowledge and draw on disciplines such as ICT, Mathematics and Science. Students learn how to cook a range of predominantly savoury dishes so that they are capable of feeding themselves and others affordably, now and in later life. This knowledge enables them to take risks, become resourceful, innovative, and be enterprising and capable citizens.


Context is no barrier to attainment in Design and Technology. It enables all pupils, including the most disadvantaged and those with special educational needs to gain the knowledge, skills, experiences to succeed in life. Our curriculum ensures there is no glass ceiling for students



Our facilities


●       Fully equipped Woodwork, Food Technology and Textiles classrooms

●       Technology Computer Suite

●       3D Printer

●       Laser Cutter

●       Heat Press

●       Sewing machines

●       Band saws, table saws, chop saws, pillar drill



The Design & Technology curriculum booklet can be downloaded here:

Design Technology Curriculum Booklet (2)
Download PDF • 209KB

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