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“Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.” Frederick Douglass

The overriding intent behind our English curriculum is clear: we want to enhance and develop an interest and love of reading and writing in all our students; whilst preparing our students to become literate and articulate individuals able to succeed in the working and professional environments. Our curriculum is a live document – regularly reviewed to help ensure successful implementation and to measure its impact- designed through a collaborative effort, with every teacher contributing to schemes of work and lesson planning to ensure students of all abilities and needs are engaged, excited and challenged throughout the key stage. Building on the Key Stage 2 curriculum, every student in Years 7-11 will enjoy a sequential experience of:


●       historically significant literature, balanced alongside modern fiction, so they are provided with the literary foundations essential to be educated citizens;

●       cultural capital entitlement where the curriculum – and the delivery of it – promotes the values of independence/confidence/self-esteem/ambition/aspirational/learning-to-learn skills/organisational skills/literacy/expression & articulation/critical thinking skills/problem solving skills. Whilst this leads to academic success, it also builds the foundations for future success in the working/professional world;

●       understanding literature in context – a literary response to belonging within a community [local/national/international/diaspora];

●       Non-fiction from different eras and societies that help shape understanding of historical and modern societies.


Key Stage 3

Year 7 will begin their literary journey by exploring conventions and genres; focusing on setting, characters, plots, language and themes.


Year 8 will develop their understanding of literature by analysing how writers’ craft their ideas and the techniques they use to express these.


Year 9 students will consolidate prior learning of literary form as well as broadening their knowledge of writers’ perspectives and how this influences the reader.


Key Stage 4

GCSE language and literature is taught simultaneously in the two year course.  This helps students to consolidate and retain prior learning, whilst new content is being introduced. Students are regularly assessed against the assessment objectives of both language and literature which helps measure progress for every student.  This allows for targeted interventions which stretch and challenge all individuals. 


Our facilities


●       6 English classrooms

●       Library stocked with fiction and non-fiction texts

●       Set texts provided for all students

●       Use of SENECA for revision and homework



The English curriculum booklet can be downloaded here:

English Curriculum Booklet (1)
Download PDF • 324KB

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