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Film Studies

“Film provides an opportunity to marry the power of ideas with the power of images.” Steven Bochco

Department Aim

●       The Film Studies Curriculum at Laurel Park School aims to develop our young people’s confidence in critically engaging with film texts of all styles and types.

●       Across the course of study, students will develop an understanding of an analytical approach to films across time and regions.



Department Purpose

●       The GCSE Film Studies is designed to draw on students' enthusiasm for film and introduce them to a wide variety of cinematic experiences through films which have been important in the development of film and film technology.

●       To impart the importance of being socially aware of the world around us and how this world, through the study of a range of films across the world, from the US to Australia.

●       To allow young people to understand the impact and influence that film studies have on them.

●       To embed young people with the skills and knowledge necessary to identify and critique the different elements of the film in which we are all immersed in.

●       To develop critical thinkers and young people who consider and question the world in which they live, and more specifically:

●       the ways in which meanings and responses are generated through film

●       a contrasting, culturally diverse range of films from different national contexts

●       film as an aesthetic medium

●       how films reflect the social, cultural and political contexts in which they are made

●       the relationship between film and film technology over time.

●       In addition, the specification aims to enable learners to apply their knowledge and understanding of film to filmmaking or screenwriting.



Our facilities


●       Media suite with 30 computers all with Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Video Editing

●       60 Chromebooks for use across the department

●       Green screen



The Film Studies curriculum booklets can be downloaded here:

Film Studies Curriculum Booklet
Download PDF • 165KB

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