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“Of all our inventions for mass communication, pictures still speak the most universally understood language.” Walt Disney

Department Aim

●       The media studies curriculum at Laurel Park School aims to develop our young people’s confidence in critically engaging with media texts of all styles and types.

●       Across the course of study, students will develop an understanding of an analytical approach to television, radio, music, video games, advertising, film, print media and online and social participatory media.


Department Purpose

●       The media curriculum includes a deliberate focus on broadening young people’s media technical and theoretical media language, as students are actively encouraged to experiment with the application and use of technical and theoretical terminology throughout their studies.

●       To impart the importance of being socially aware of the world around us and how this world, through the media, presents ideas, views, opinions and values. To allow young people to understand the impact and influence that the media has on them.

●       To embed young people with the skills and knowledge necessary to identify and critique the different elements of the media in which we are all immersed in.

●       To develop critical thinkers and young people who consider and question the world in which they live.


Our facilities


●       Media suite with 30 computers all with Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Video Editing

●       60 Chromebooks for use across the department

●       Green screen



The Media curriculum booklets can be downloaded here:

Media Studies Curriculum Booklet
Download PDF • 144KB

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